[Global Insight] Will U.S.-China conflict escalate to military crash?

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Professor Wang Jiangyu, Director of the Centre for Chinese and Comparative Law, disscued U.S.-China relations with Joseph Bosco, a former U.S. Department of Defence analyst, in Arirang's Global Insight. The moderator was Sooyoung Oh.

Period29 Jul 2020

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Title[Global Insight] Will U.S-China conflict escalate to military clash?
DescriptionIn the Global Insight of Arirang News, Wang Jiangyu and Joseph Bosco discussed whether the bilateral tensions between the United States and China could eventually lead to a cold war or even military confrontations.
Media name/outlet"Global Insight" at Arirang News
PlaceKorea, Republic of
Degree of recognitionInternational
Media typeTelevision
Producer/AuthorSooyoung Oh
Duration / Length / Size30 minutes