Erosion of Home

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Period13 Jan 2014 → 23 Sep 2015

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TitleInterview recording: Phoebe Man's Art
DescriptionThe two artworks in the exhibition focus on the serious flipping properties problem in Hong Kong and Taiwan. One of the works, Erosion of Home in R107, is a space installation that invites the audience to participate in the creating process. MAN asks the audience a question: What did you give up for buying a house? And she prepares 4,000 pieces of brick papers for Taiwanese audience to write down their answers and stick the paper on the display wall in the room. The audience can also read the answers of the audience from Hong Kong on another wall. By the audience participation in the process of creation, this installation provides an opportunity for the audience to understand what they gave up for a house and how much advantage the real estate speculators have taken from them.
Media name/outletMOCA Taipei
Degree of recognitionRegional
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Producer/AuthorMOCA Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei
Duration / Length / Size7:58