Contribution to Young Post (SCMP): "Baby Steps to Innovation"

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This is an article that I co-wrote with my ex-students who won the Challenge Cup 2016 (Gold Prize in China; Runner Up in Hong Kong) based on their final project in GE1218 which I taught. The students develop an apps that connects early retiree to work as nanny to assist young parents with children. This articles offers a reflection on how to engage in social innovation.

Period16 Mar 2017

Media contributions

TitleTaking Baby-Steps Toward Innovation
DescriptionA CityU team seeks to empower retirees and working parents via an app that can help boost social harmony
Media name/outletYoung Post, South China Morning Post
PlaceHong Kong
Degree of recognitionNational
Media typeWeb
Producer/AuthorYoung Post, South China Morning Post