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The College of Science is proud to announce that 10 scientists have been listed as Clarivate’s Highly Cited Researchers 2022. 

Department of Chemistry
Professor Alex JEN (Category: Materials Science)
Lee Shau Kee Chair Professor of Materials Science

Professor Hua ZHANG (Category: Chemistry & Materials Science)
Herman Hu Chair Professor of Nanomaterials

Dr. Zhanxi FAN (Category: Cross-Field)
Assistant Professor

Dr. Chaoliang TAN (Category: Chemistry)
Assistant Professor

Dr. Ruquan YE (Category: Cross-Field)
Assistant Professor

Dr. Zonglong ZHU (Category: Cross-Field)
Assistant Professor

Dr. Bo CHEN (Category: Cross-Field)
Research Associate

Department of Mathematics
Professor Daniel HO (Category: Cross-Field)
Chair Professor of Applied Mathematics

Department of Physics
Professor Paul CHU (Category: Cross-Field)
Chair Professor of Materials Engineering

Professor Yang REN (Category: Cross-Field)
Chair Professor of Physics

This annual Highly Cited Researchers list identifies influential scientists across the globe who have demonstrated significant and broad research influence in their chosen field or fields of research among their peers. Their papers are ranked in the top 1% by citations for fields and year of publication.

Period21 Nov 2022