China Daily op-ed article: Airlines should stand test of extreme weather

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published on 27 April 2024. 

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Period27 Apr 2024

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TitleAirlines should stand test of extreme weather
DescriptionThanks to climate change, extreme weather events are occurring with higher frequency and, at times, they are difficult to predict.

There is a need to be wary of climate change and associated extreme weather events, as well as other natural disasters. According to a survey conducted by a water governance research team at the City University of Hong Kong, half of the respondents said they were extremely worried about climate change, but not so much about droughts and floods.

The fact that an increasingly high number of people know, and are worried about, climate change shows the media campaign on climate change has been successful. But it also indicates there is a missing link in people's understanding of climate change and its impacts.

It is essential to take all the necessary climate actions needed to mitigate and adapt to climate change. That can be done only when climate change, its impact on the environment and ecology, and people's lives are included in school curricula and made part of business governance for building risk management strategies. The meteorological offices have a lot to offer in this regard.
Media name/outletChina Daily
PlaceHong Kong
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Producer/AuthorWanxin Li