China Daily op-ed article : Sunnylands Statement penetrating boundaries

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Editor's Note: The widely anticipated meeting between President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart, Joe Biden, in San Francisco on Wednesday, is of utmost importance not only for maintaining stable Sino-US ties but also for its significant global impact. Experts share their views with China Daily. 

Period17 Nov 2023

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TitleSunnylands statement penetrating boundaries
DescriptionSunnylands statement penetrating boundaries

The world applauded revitalizing of Sino-US ties, particularly for striving to meet the targets set by the Paris Agreement and trying to realize the dream of a common sustainable future.

The overarching theme of the Sunnylands Statement on Tuesday — issued after the climate envoys' talks — is cooperation, which signifies the strong will of both countries to work together and to join the global efforts in combating climate change and achieving sustainability transitions.

There will be at least five large-scale cooperative carbon capture, utilization and sequestration projects each by 2030, technical working group cooperation to address methane and other non-CO2 GHG emissions, and subnational climate cooperation among states, provinces, and cities tackling emissions from the power, transportation, buildings and waste sectors.

Furthermore, policy dialogues will be carried out to facilitate energy transition, reduce GHG emissions, develop the circular economy, improve resource efficiency, enhance subnational cooperation, and make COP28 a success. Particularly, the China-US Energy Efficiency Forum will be restarted to deepen policy exchanges.

By translating the strong desire for cooperation into tangible collaborative mechanisms and actions such as information exchange, experience sharing, knowledge transfer, and capacity building, China and the US are on the cusp of achieving a shared and sustainable future.
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