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The Rapport in Calligraphy: Ancient Classics and Cultural Exchange

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"The Rapport in Calligraphy: Ancient Classics and Cultural Exchange", a calligraphy exhibition organized by the Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong and the City University of Hong Kong (“CityU”), will be held at Korean Cultural Center, 6-7/F Block B, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong from 7 July to 14 August 2021. This calligraphy exhibition is divided into five sections, including works by many well-known academicians as well as students from Chinese and Korean universities. Many exhibits are from the famous poems fromSiku Quanshu and Collection of Korean Anthologies. The excellent calligraphy artworks and award-winning translation works of JC Poetic Heritage Translation Awards 2021 will also be exhibited. To promote community integration, this exhibition introduces a combination of chasing and listening to display calligraphy, hoping that the visually impaired can enjoy and appreciate the beauty of calligraphy.

This exhibition is jointly curated by the Calligraphy Connections Project of the Run Run Shaw Library of CityU and CityU student’s calligraphy club, Calligraphantasy. It is supported by the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong, Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong, Jigu Institute and four Korean universities including the Seoul National University, Sungkyunkwan University, Gyeonggi University, Daejeon University. The Calligraphy Connections Project was kickstarted in “Science and Art – the Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition by renowned academicians and scholars (Seoul 2017)” which was held in Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum in Korea in 2017. This project promotes interdisciplinary and cross-border calligraphy exchanges centred on the revitalization of ancient classics under the leadership of academicians and scholars. It has travelled to many countries, namely Japan, South Korea and Britain. As the metropolis where east and west meet, Hong Kong plays an essential role in international cultural heritage and exchanges. Actively assuming the social responsibility of facilitating diversified academic dialogues and cultural exchanges, the Run Run Shaw Library collects ancient literary classics, reproduces ancient academic value and popularises calligraphy by organizing related exhibitions in many places.

Siku Quanshu(SKQS) and Collection of Korean Anthologies(CKA; Han’guk yŏktae munjipch‘ongsŏ) are the main references of this exhibition. CKA consists of over 3,000 volumes of significant Korean works written in Chinese. Written by ancient and contemporary prominent Korean authors, the collections provide an important source of materials for studies on the history and culture of Korea and China. The SKQS also contains many works created by Korean literati. Chinese calligraphy, as an art form, delivers messages and expresses aesthetics at the same time. In China and Korea's cultural traditions, literati and scholars often used calligraphy to make friends and cultivate their peace of mind or inner pleasure. The joint exhibition of Chinese and Korean calligraphy uses the innovative approach, calligraphy works+the historical books, to stimulate the public interest in ancient East Asia classics as well as calligraphy, promote the art and academics exchange in both countries, connecting ancient books with contemporary society.

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TitleThe Rapport in Calligraphy: Ancient Classics and Cultural Exchange
LocationKorean Cultural Center in Hong Kong
CityHong Kong
PlaceHong Kong