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Plenary talk on Integrating new technologies into EAP practice: The case of "plagiarism detection" software

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Plagiarism is widely understood as a disruptive phenomenon, a problem to be combatted, detected and punished. In this sense it is a distraction from the teaching and assessment activities which are central to the mission of the EAP/ESP classroom. "Plagiarism detection" tools are therefore often seen as a solution which can minimise the time and attention teachers must spend on this particular disruption. However, such tools are controversial and problems have been associate with their use. This talk will examine the phenomenon of plagiarism, describe the types of plagiarism which software can and cannot detect, and discuss the problems and benefits associated with these tools. It will conclude by making connections between this and other instructional technologies, and describe one model for integrating technology into ESP in a productive way.

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NameInternational Conference on ESP, new technologies and digital learning