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Living in the Age of Convergence: (working through) the scientific images, manifest images and the aesthetic images

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This talk is one of 3 talks as Annotations for keynote lectures in the ADC-funded Writing Machine Collective Edition 7 (WMC_e7) symposium series) "Knowledge Asymmetries in the Age of Machine Learning." WMC_e7 was completed on 31 August 2022.
Whereas the symposium series in autumn 2021 involved internationally renowned experts, the Annotations played an important role in interpreting the key issues to a local audience, to generate conversations, and to seek possible actions to take.
Going back to the premise of the entire WMC_e7, this talk develop answers that the non-expert could relate to.
What is the “quotidian” or the “everyday”? The 21st century witnesses not only growing attention to (big) data, but also how data processing is an integral part of population management and multi-national corporate entrepreneurialism. We can afford no more to live according to the comfortable compartmentalization of the arts, humanities, sciences and engineering, the social sciences and business studies. This talk raises one angle of rethinking the call for interdisciplinarity from the perspective of visual culture. Illustrated by three kinds of co-existing and juxtaposing images, the talk argues for the need for the everyday person to embrace new ontologies and asks what that may mean. Scholars/philosophers cited include Wilfrid Sellars, Daniel C. Dennett, Whitehead and Deleuze.
The talk, developed from the researcher's ongoing research and graduate teaching, was deliberately chosen to be conducted in Cantonese to engage thorough conversations among young participants.

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