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Histories of the Digital Humanities in the Chinese World

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On 9th January, Tuesday, Professor Lik Hang Tsui will give a lecture titled "Histories of the Digital Humanities in the Chinese World". Lik Hang Tsui is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chinese and History at the City University of Hong Kong. He specializes in mid-imperial period Chinese history and culture, as well as the digital humanities.

This talk examines the "prehistory" of digital humanities across three regions of Greater China: Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The principles underlying digital humanities are not novel in Chinese academia; scholars had
been engaging with issues stemming from the convergence of digital technology and humanistic inquiry even prior to the formal introduction of the term "digital humanities." The Chinese-speaking academia is no exception to this trend. My presentation will trace the nascent stages of Chinese digital text processing and database construction in Greater China. The goal is to illuminate the unique challenges and critical importance of the Chinese language within the realm of digital humanities. This talk diverges from prior studies by adopting a relatively longer (but not excessively long) historical view, specifically focusing on the foundational "pre-history" period from the 1980s through 2009. By examining the methods used for managing and digitizing Chinese data and the main research questions during this time, I argue that the early explorations in the prehistory of China's digital humanities have created a path dependency, shaping the current research trends in the Chinese-speaking academic world.

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