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Extreme OLED Phosphors: Design and Applications

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Third-row transition based metal complexes, particularly those bearing pyridyl azolate based chelates (either bi-dentate or tri-dentate one) and ancillaries, play a key role in the development of optoelectronic technologies such as organic light emitting diode (OLED), light emitting electrochemical cells, and solid-state organic lighting applications. Their attractiveness comes from their higher chemical stability due to the strong metal-ligand bonding, as well as the shortened excitation lifetimes and higher emission quantum yields versus the organic fluorescent materials. As a result, these metal complexes were extensively examined as the dopant emitters for highly efficient OLEDs. In this presentation, the recently developed, highly efficient and durable OLED emitters, particularly those exhibited true-blue and near-infrared (NIR) phosphorescence, will be elaborated in a systematic manner.

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TitleInternational Conference on Science and Technology of Synthetic Metals 2018
Abbreviated titleICSM 2018
PlaceKorea, Republic of
Degree of recognitionInternational event