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Behavior and Design of Marine Concrete Structures (CALL FOR PAPERS Special Issue of Engineering Structures)

Marine concrete structures play an essential role in global infrastructure development, sea-space colonization, marine resources exploration and extraction, and aquaculture. The structural behaviors of marine concrete structures may be substantially different under multi-hazard conditions, including thunderstorms, earthquakes, impact/blast, fire, and fatigue loading. However, a common problem marine concrete structures suffer is corrosion due to their exposure to long-term and high concentrations of chlorides in the harsh marine environment and cyclical wave loading, which induces significant mechanical performance deterioration and thus poses a great threat to structural safety and serviceability. Many innovative approaches have been proposed to address marine concrete structures' global durability and sustainability challenges. This special issue is dedicated to the latest developments and advances in research and practical applications to facilitate the sustainable design, construction, and maintenance of marine concrete structures. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

1. Marine infrastructure development, including straits-crossing bridge, trestle of quay, and undersea tunnel
2. Sea-space colonization, including man-made islands, mobile airports, and the floating city
3. Marine resources exploration and extraction, including oil and gas deposits, wind energy farms, and solar energy farm
4. Marine aquaculture, including floating platforms for fish and seaweed farms
Marine concrete structures under multi-hazard conditions, including thunderstorm, earthquake, impact/blast, fire, and fatigue loading
5. Climatic change effects on marine concrete structures
6. Marine concrete structures with the use of innovative reinforcing materials such as FRP, stainless steel, and corrosion-resistant steel
7. Marine concrete structures with the use of innovative concrete such as UHPC, seawater, sea sand, or coral aggregate concretes.
8. Precast modular marine construction
9. Long-term durability of marine concrete structures
Protection, repair, and strengthening of marine concrete structures
10. Marine concrete using recycled building or industrial wastes

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JournalEngineering Structures
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