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Conversational photography

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Talk at The Hong Kong Polytechnic Univeristy

Favored by technology, photography has now become a form of language. The evolution of the smartphone has turned photography into an art or a practice that is readily available and shareable. Photography is, thus, no more merely the documentation of a phenomenon, as it was conceived of in its first phase, and is no more the representation of a staged or artificially constructed world, as it was construed in its second phase. Instead, it has become a critical component of a more complex system of communication made up of texts, sounds and images that fit together in a complementary manner. Combining their visual and information qualities, photographic images have now become an essential structural unit of everyday language. This third wave in the development of photography is what this talk focuses on.

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TitleConversational Photography
LocationThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University
CityHong Kong
PlaceHong Kong