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Becoming ‘Hong Kong’: Sound and Music of the 2019 Hong Kong Protests

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Since the on-going protests in Hong Kong persist after the official withdrawal of the extradition bill, the demands have shifted into calling for an independent investigation of the police’s abuse of power, discharging the arrestees, retracting the proclamation of riots on 9th and 12th June, and calling for immediate dual election through universal suffrage. The anonymous online forum LIHKG and instant message platform Telegram have played major roles in the protests, and their anonymous natures have helped initiate a lot of leaderless protests within the city—some of which are highly involved with sound and music. These activities temporally transform spaces such as residential areas and shopping malls into a site for forms of sonic protest. This paper analyses the sonic-spatial aspects and online activity in relation to these protests, in order to suggest how these kinds of protests alleviate citizens through their transformative experience from the escalating tension.

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