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Art with (or without) the art market

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The art market has steadily increased in last decades, up to a point where many observers tend to doubt it could ever go back to its initial state. Contemporary art is at the centre of this phenomenon and seems to be feeding the appetites of investors for whom art value escapes by its very nature the ordinary uctuations of general economic tendencies. Knowing that money has a central role in the imagination of most people, the question has to be asked whether it is still possible to talk about art without mentioning the vast sums it requires. Furthermore, the hyper- bolic development of the contemporary art market has consequences on the postures and the practices of most players of the eld, beginning with the artists themselves. This symposium wants to think about these questions: What should one think of this situation: has the market really become the main arbiter of artistic values? Have we reached a point where it becomes unthinkable to oppose a system that does not bene t to all but which continues to attract artists – and up to the neo-liberal economy which strongly increases the values linked to the art world? Does the market determine the evolution of artistic practices, how and by which ways?

Art with (or without) the art market symposium is presented by the Institut national d'histoire de l'art Paris and organised by Marges Journal for Contemporary Art.

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TitleArt with (or without) the art market
LocationInstitut national d’histoire de l’art
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