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The inquiry into the private life and inner world of Hu Shih has generated some of the most interesting scholarship in the study of this well-known figure in China’s modern history. Many researchers have sought to unravel his relations with lovers outside his marriage, in order to challenge the apparently “rationalistic and scholarly” image of Dr. Hu Shih as a leader of China’s new culture movement. Yet such inquiries often ignore his stories with his wife, Mrs. Chiang Tung-hsiu, whose stories with Hu Shih never became the focus of scholars and readers in the past. This lecture aims to bridge this gap by investigating the letters and telegrams exchanged between the couple during the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1937. Particularly, Dr. Lin depicts this couple’s wartime experiences and the war’s impact on the couple’s lives. Through investigating Hu Shih and his wife’s experiences in the war-torn years, this lecture demonstrates a new way of studying the history of modern China.

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